Christina QCCP – The Prisoner’s HD Revenge

Christina QCCP – The Prisoner’s HD Revenge

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom,Mistres,Extreme Scat,Scat,Femdom SCat,Shit
Video language: English

Description:Check your brain at the door, first. Ok. So we’ve got a man, taken from his home and put on the auction block to be sold to the highest bidder, but first, he spends time being broken down and drained of fluids by — you guessed it — me. (Can’t have a sassy penis for sale, gotta teach him some manners!)

Shackles and reprogramming and weeks of training have him docile and ready for auction, or so I think. But this one’s still got some fight in him. On the night before his auctioning, he needs to be milked dry and properly submissive. But at the last second, somehow, this immobilized pet gets the last laugh — spurt? — as he ruins my ruin. Spray everywhere, and now what will I do with him? I thought he was trained but I guess we gotta start from scratch…

Filesize:236 MB
Video:AVC, 1280×720, 59.940 FPS, 7477 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 kHz, 2 channels, 192 kb/s

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