Customfetishvideos – Humiliation at the Doctor’s Office – HD-720p – Lily Rader and Gabriella Paltrova

Customfetishvideos – Humiliation at the Doctor’s Office – HD-720p – Lily Rader and Gabriella Paltrova

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom
Video language: English

Description:Lily is a student in her twenties and has the typical look of the girl next door. She uses light makeup but she’s not nerdy… she’s sporty, friendly and cheerful. We see her in everyday life: one scene she studies at home, she watches tv while having a snack. Another scene she is having a drink in a cafe with, say, a couple girlfriends and they talk to each other. She also has a boyfriend of the same age: one scene they are going sightseeing, they look at shop windows and make comments on exposed goods, then they joke and laugh. Another scene they are going for a walk in the park, they sit on a bench and kiss each other.
Lily and her boyfriend are sitting on a sofa at home and watching tv, they are talking to each other and at a certain point Robbie leads discussion on his fascination for medicine: abruptly he makes Lily lay down on the sofa, he raises her sweater, unbuttons her pants and exposes her belly, then he starts softly palpating here and there. At first Lily is amused and lets him do, but then she will stop him, and while dressing she says she had her last medical exam when she was 12, and she will have her next one only if necessary, she also says she doesn’t agree with doctors.

Later, they go jogging and suddenly she stops as she feels a strong pain in the back. Robbie, quite worried, comes back to her side and helps her walk, he tells her she should take a complete examination by a good specialist. Lily manages to stay upright with difficulty and is very worried herself, so she agrees with him.

Robbie calls a friend to ask her about a famous specialist she knows of. She tells him that the doctor is very competent but she strongly discourages him, because the doctor is overly attentive and submits his patients to heavy exams. Robbie says that competence comes first and so Lily, with a sigh, gives him the doctor’s phone number. Robbie immediately calls the number.

At the Specialists Office

Robbie comes to his girlfriend’s house and rings the bell. They go directly to the appointment with the doctor.

The nurse welcomes them and makes them sit down. Lily and her boyfriend look around the room and after some time the nurse phones the doctor to inform him they are there. Finally the nurse says the doctor is ready.

Lily and Robbie are about to enter the exam room, but the nurse says the doctor doesn’t allow relatives or friends to be in during his examinations, so she invites Robbie to stay in the waiting room. Robbie strongly protests but the nurse is inflexible and comes between him and his girlfriend, so Lily kisses him and goes into the exam room on her own, but she forgets her handbag in the waiting room. Robbie sits down very disappointed.

The doctor wears the typical white coat, never smiles and does nothing to put Lily at ease – rather the opposite. He rarely speaks during the physical, but occasionally he will make some comments about Lily’s body and health. Lily enters the exam room and greets the doctor who sits behind his desk and invites her to sit in front of him.

They talk about Lily’s medical history, her habits and health problems, the doctor also asks if she has regular gyn exams, Lily gets suspicious but says no. The doctor takes notes on his laptop and finally orders her to undress to bra and panties. Lily looks around searching for a privacy screen, so the doctor says they are the only ones in the room and she can undress near the chair on the opposite side of the room and put her clothes on the chair.

Filesize:1.81 GB
Video:AVC, 1280×720, 23.976 FPS, 4138 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 2 channels, 128 kb/s


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