Futilestruggles.com – Casino: Lilly Got Caught Stealing Towels and Soap – Part 1 (2018/HD/720p)

Futilestruggles.com – Casino: Lilly Got Caught Stealing Towels and Soap – Part 1 (2018/HD/720p)


Lilly is the wife of a very wealthy man, so she is treated very well when she comes to the casino to gamble. She unfortunately has the rich bitch attitude though. She is a complete bitch to the dealers and the servers. She wins thousands of dollars downstairs and then upstairs, in her free suite, she steals towels, shampoo, and soaps. After putting up with her attitude all night, Ace has finally had enough when Lilly is caught stealing from the room. He takes her several floors below ground level to his interrogation room. Lilly isn’t being interrogated though, she’s being taught a lesson. The clips starts with Lilly hooded and sitting on a concrete block with her arms tied behind her and around a post. After a while, he removes the clear hood, but leaves her open mouth gag. He sits back in a recliner and pokes at her with a long stick.

He’s just trying to annoy her. She jerks away. He threatens to hood her again if she jerks a way again. She complies. He now knows that he can get her to do anything by using a simple threat. After poking and prodding her for a while, he gets up and manhandles her tits for a bit, before he makes her stand on the concrete block. He grabs a bundle of rope and starts binding Lilly more thoroughly to the post. Lilly is still moaning and breathing very heavy. Drool starts to flow as well. First on her chin, and before long, it has run down her neck and onto her chest. Ace eventually removes her open mouth gag and the tape wrapped around her head that covered her nostrils. Her hair is tied pigtail style and then each pigtail is tied off up high and to the side, further limiting her movement. He snips away the straps to her dress and bra as well. He manhandles her tits before binding her right tit and then pulling it tight and tying it off. He tries the left, but he just can’t get a good bite on that one. He abandons it for now, but leaves the right tit bound. He continues adding more rope. Ace occasionally takes a break to slap and grab her tits and manhandle poor lilly. By this time tears are flowing and she is tied up pretty darn good to the post. He removes the breast bondage from her right tit. He has other plans.

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