The Foot Fantasy – Good Cop vs. Bad Cop Footjob – HD-1080p

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom
Video language: English

Description:Good Detective Reagan Lush with her partner Sasha who is a little unethical have gotten you into custody and they are ready to get a full confession from you for your crimes but you aren’t speaking. Reagan suggests using routine tactics to get you to talk but Sasha knows just how to do it. Sasha knows what you’re interested in as you stare at their feet and they are prepared to give you what you want if you give them the confession. Sasha and Reagan sit you down and sit between your legs rubbing you and showing off their soles and toes. You are hard under those wrinkled soles and the girls put you between their arches. Sasha and Reagan jerk you off with their bare feet, toes, soles, and arches and they will let you cum if you confess! Continue reading