Handdomination – Jenna Dallas – Her insane cum requirements set this cock up for failure – HD-1080p

Release Year: Dec 11, 2017
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom,Mistres,Extreme Scat,Scat,Femdom SCat,Shit
Video language: English

Description:Jenna is a beautiful 20 year old with good ole fashion mid-western values. She has graciously agreed to share her cherished family oatmeal recipe. Her mother passed down this recipe to all the daughters with hopes they’d make good housewives someday. I’m not sure their future husbands will appreciate this oatmeal recipe though. Jenna gathers all the ingredients for the old fashion oats, however she’s missing one thing, cum! According to the Dallas family recipe, 2 ounces of fresh semen is required to make the recipe complete. Jenna uses her well-endowed slave for his man-milk. She gives the best handjobs. Slow teasing, and forceful. The mammoth penis is no match for Jenna’s magical hands. She puts her measuring cup directly below the squirting dick, sure to catch all the warm cum. Short of the 2 ounces of cum needed, the disappointed Jenna jerked the sensitive penis long after orgasm. She kept milking the spent dick for every last drop of sperm. The pain and discomfort caused by the brutal post orgasm milking made the slave scream out in shear agony. BTW 2 onces of cum in one orgasm is virtually impossible to achieve. Continue reading