Reality Girls – Loren Blaine – Summer Flex – 480p

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom
Video language: English

Description:An impromptu flex of a leg by a girl, what most addicts of powerful girls wait for, encourage or Google. The one here by Loren comes after delivering a beating to Meathead in his hotel. Loren’s legs are too much for this squeeze addict. Wearing thick-heeled clogs, the hot Florida girl crushes his head in headscissors from chair to the bed in the room she tells him is so hot because he’s too cheap or dumb to make sure the air-conditioning works. In her little blue dress she makes him tap and tap and tap. She complains he’s too much of a bitch to let her crank it on 100 percent. She makes fun of him for having a little head on his puffed up frame, telling him it’s kind of like crushing a grape, scissoring him. She locks him in a standing reverse headlock, drawing more taps and smiles from her. She watches herself in the room’s mirror squeezing him in standing headscissors. More tapping. Straight headscissors with her above him on the bed. She lays on her stomach and crosses her feet in the air as she slaps on rear naked chokes. Continue reading