Madam Violet – My Perfect Breasts Demand Obedient Cocks – HD-1080p

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom,Mistres
Video language: English

Description:If you’re going to stroke your cock doing so for My big, juicy, perfectly shaped, voluptuous breasts and HARD nipples should be high up on your list of ‘things to do….over and over….’ This is short and sweet because your brain can’t cope with more. Simple too, for the same reason. When you see My nipples you can stroke…when you can’t you stop. Easy. Or is it? Because when I count you down into orgasm the same rules apply…stop start stop start…will you cum exactly when I snap My fingers…will you demonstrate skill and precision or will you fuck it up…? Luckily, you’re going to watch this again, stroke for me again, cum for Me and My GODDESS tits again. I want you so enamoured, so beholden so obsessed with MY tits that you learn to control your cock perfectly and precisely for My perfect breasts. It’s no less than they deserve. Layered vocals, whispers and moans, magical words rewiring your brain as you stroke….you want to be perfect for My perfect tits, to control your dick like an expert for Me, no matter how many orgasms it takes…My tits demand perfection and will ensure your cock delivers! Contains; Breast worship, layered vocal tracks, whispers, nipple worship, Femdom pov, JOI, cum countdown, JOI game, br4inwashing, psychological conditioning, red nails, red lips, cock control, slave training. Continue reading