Family Therapy – Marsha May – Sister’s New Workout – HD-720p

Release Year: 2018
Genres: Femdom,Dominate,Lezdom
Video language: English

Description:My sister Marsha thinks she can do whatever she wants.
And I guess most of the time she can get away with that with other people,
but not with me. The other day I got home and saw her using my weights.
She knows I workout the same time every day. And my sister never even works out anyway.
I know she was just trying to fuck with me to get my attention, but I didn’t get mad,
I decided I’d just fuck with her right back. I started grabbing her butt and her boobs.
I was fingering her a minute later. She tried to stop me but I knew she wanted it.
In the past month I’ve caught her watching me workout like four different times
and lately she’s always trying to use the bathroom while I’m taking a shower.
I’m not stupid. I know what she wants, she’s just been too afraid to actually ask for it.
Well I decided to finally give her what she really wanted. Continue reading